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Advanced English Language Conversation Skills: Phrasal Verbs


Slow and steady wins the race! Learn through the updated version of YouTube so you can get up to date information. When taking this ‘œIncrease Website Traffic ‘ course watch video’s in Full-screen to read the text. In this course you will learn how to increase website traffic by running a fully functional YouTube channel and over time you will become very successful through YouTube if you follow along in the course correctly. It isn’t just for those people that want to become popular on YouTube, but more importantly for business use. I use YouTube for my business every day, literally. I make a new video every day or two teaching people about the computer. What if I don’t want YouTube for popularity, but instead to drive traffic? The best part is that YouTube allows you to add links in your video description, which results inFREE SEO! Who wouldn’t want that, and if you ‘™re selling something on that site you had people from YouTube come through; it could be instant money in your pocket. Imagine if you had popularity on YouTube also. You could have thousands of unique visitors to your site everyday for absolutely $0! What if I want my video seen through Social Media, how would I get it there? YouTube let’s you share your videos through Social Media and on your blogs and websites. It has amazing features like embed code to put your video or playlist on your website or blog. You Tube is very user friendly with Social Media. What if I want people to click on my YouTube video through a direct link or email? Well that is simple, because YouTube gives you the ability to share the video link to. That means just some simple copy and pasting and your link could be sent through email super simply. YouTube is an all time power in today’s modern world and it is FREE. YouTube gives you the ability to leverage your business through video and back links to your website or social media and that is everything you could ask for in advertising your business. From that; I ask when considering if you should join this increase website traffic course, read everything I wrote above, because the truth is that it is a reality and thousands of people do that every day through YouTube. </p>

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