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3. Compound Interest


Hey guys, my name is Ben Cooper, and I’™m a full-time songwriter and producer here in Nashville, TN. Have you ever felt so creatively drained that you wondered if you’™d ever want to make another piece of art again? Or, on the flipside, have you ever felt so inspired you couldn’™t get the words or images on the page quickly enough? These are both natural parts of a creative lifestyle. Often, the busy and unpredictable world around us can have a huge impact on the way we create. Actually, they can have too big of an impact if we’™re not careful. In this course we’™re going to talk about: ·How establishing healthy practices and routines (like getting enough sleep every night or making a cup of hot tea before you sit down to create) can help you maintain your focus and get you out of ruts and into a creative mindset that’™s not dependent upon random bursts of inspiration Without a healthy lifestyle: You feel drained, tired, sometimes jealous of others’™ successes With a healthy lifestyle: You better understand how and why you create your own art You learn to prioritize your art and set aside time to create, even in the busiest week You trust that even when you get knocked down you’™ll be able to take feedback in a way that lets you get back up again and keep moving toward your creative vision for the future I know the creative journey can be hard and confusing at times, but in the end it’™s absolutely worth the effort. You have some incredible art inside you that deserves to see the light of day. I look forward to walking through this creative process together!

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