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10 Beat Making Techniques To Become A Hip Hop/R&B Producer


‘œI ‘™m so stupid. ‘ ‘œI always mess that up. ‘ ‘œIf people only knew what a screw-up I am. ‘ Sound familiar? Whether you are successful or struggling on the outside, inside many of us have a running, critical commentary in our heads. It ‘™s as if we ‘™ve allowed a bully to move into our brains and operate at will. This bully endlessly replays any mistake we ‘™ve made or think we ‘™ve made. This bully calls us derogatory names, in many cases calling ourselves names we ‘™d never dare call another person. Allowing this bully to run wild can have significant repercussions. Such critical self talk can be a factor in both depression and anxiety. It also becomes a way we unconsciously program ourselves for failure through self sabotage. It can sabotage relationships, careers and keep us from realizing the dreams we have for our lives. Not to mention it just doesn ‘™t feel good. ‘œHow to Stop Beating Yourself Up ‘ gives you the tools for understanding this bully – and for making your mind a bully free zone. Peggy Haymes is a Licensed Professional counselor. She ‘™s helped many clients identify their own critical voices and helped them develop the tools to beating up on themselves and to start using their minds as a positive force. In this course you ‘™ll learn how this internal bully is formed and the influences and habits that help feed and empower this bully. You ‘™ll learn the difference between helpful criticism and the bully who beats you up. You ‘™ll be guided in how to identify what makes you most vulnerable to engaging in self-critical thoughts. Finally, you ‘™ll gain tools for taking control back from this bully and shirting your thoughts into a more positive pattern. The course includes lectures, worksheets for applying the material to your life, recommended reading list and a short ebook. It ‘™s time to stop stop getting in your own way. It ‘™s time to stop sabotaging yourself. It ‘™s time to stop beating yourself up. Click on the ‘œTake This Course ‘ button to get started. Why wait to feel good?

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